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Facing Disability Issues with Combustible Humor
Advocating for Disability Rights ... We Will Not be Silenced !!

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Mothers from Hell 2 (MFH2) is a national group of parents, relatives, friends, and anyone who just plain 'gets it'  fighting chipped tooth and broken press-on nail for the appropriate education, community acceptance, desperately needed services, rights of and entitlements for people with disabilities.   (Hey, we're moms, we can rattle off really long sentences like that without stopping for air!)

Our name is not about our advocacy philosophy, but a name bestowed on us for daring to stand up for our kids.

Our Vision...

 is for every individual with a disability to automatically receive the services and inclusion they are entitled to in order to reach their fullest potential.

Our Mission...

is to advocate for disability rights.

Our Position

We support efforts to move people out of spirit-killing institutions and into their community.
We believe that the money that the state pays for institutions should follow the person out of the institution and into their community. 
We abhor the practice of imprisoning people for the "crime" of having a disability.

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Board Member Blogs

Throwing Confetti by Michelle Brooks
Big Noise by Cilla Sluga

Do you have a blog that would help other mothers of children with disablities?
Let us know. We'll add it here.


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